Before You Start

Are you ready?

Buying your first home can be a mix of emotions – from feeling out of depth to the joy of achieving one of your life’s ambitions. It will be one of the defining moments of your life – especially financially, where it is likely to be your most expensive purchase, as well as your biggest liability.

Take a deep breath – make yourself some coffee. We are here to help you at!

All the content here are written by previous First Time Buyers, for future First Time Buyers like you. We’ve gone through all the pain, the frustration, the avoidable mistakes, the sleepless nights so you don’t have to. Why did we create FTB Help? Because we realised there was no single resource out there on the web, or a book, that had all the information you need.

There is no fixed way you should consume our website. Bookmark it. Have it open as one of your tabs in Chrome while you’re browsing Rightmove. Religiously read our articles one at a time on your morning commute. And keep checking back for more each week, as we keep publishing more useful articles and content.

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