About FTB Help

We know how scary it is when you’re embarking on your first home purchase.

That’s why we’ve created FTB.help. We’re two individuals who have gone through the first time buyer process and experienced all the frustration, mistakes, narrowly avoiding many scams, and so so many calls and emails with estate agents.

We’ve now bought apartments and houses, leaseholds and freeholds. Done cosmetic renovations to full structural works. Had to change a boiler, deal with section 20 notices, cowboy tradesmen. Had a bank and a mortgage broker bungle our mortgage application, to the point where the seller was on the brink of walking away, 4 months later.

And because we’ve gone through all this, we wanted to create FTB Help so that first time home buyers, like you, can now get all the information you need, to make your home buying process smooth and easy.

If you do find that there is something we haven’t covered on the website, that you would like us to, do feel free to contact us! We’re always looking for new content to add onto FTB Help.